Science, pop culture and comedy collide on StarTalk Radio! Astrophysicist and Hayden Planetarium director Neil deGrasse Tyson, his comic co-hosts, guest celebrities and scientists discuss astronomy, physics, and everything else about life in the universe. Keep Looking Up! New episodes premiere Monday nights at 7pm ET.


Title Date published
Cosmic Queries: New Discoveries 2014-04-27
A COSMOS Conversation with Steven Soter 2014-04-19
Cosmic Queries: A Stellar Sampling 2014-04-12
Cosmic Queries: Venus with Dr. FunkySpoon 2014-04-06
A Conversation with Laurence Fishburne 2014-03-23
Cosmic Queries Science in Movies and TV 2014-03-16
Cosmic Queries with Bill Nye and Astro Mike 2014-03-09
Cosmic Queries: Time Travel 2014-03-02
Mythbusters (Part 2) 2014-02-22
MythBusters (Part 1) 2014-02-16
Cosmic Queries: A Powerful Potpourri 2014-02-08
A Conversation with God 2014-02-02
Cosmic Queries: Science Fiction - The Sequel 2014-01-26
Cosmic Queries: Space Tourism 2014-01-19
Cosmic Queries: Art and Science 2014-01-12
Season 4 Time Capsule (Part 2): Cosmic Queries 2014-01-05
Season 4 Time Capsule (Part 1) 2013-12-15
Cosmic Queries: Science Fiction 2013-12-08
StarTalk Live: I, Robot (Part 2) 2013-12-01
StarTalk Live: I, Robot (Part 1) 2013-11-17

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