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Title Date published
Cosmic Queries – Comet NEOWISE 2020-08-10
Cosmic Queries – Science Is Cool 3 2020-08-03
Making a Phenom – Tech 2020-07-31
Cosmic Queries – Cosmic Cauldron 2020-07-27
Cosmic Queries – Volcanoes 2020-07-20
Making a Phenom – Nurture 2020-07-17
Technology and Us, with Ainissa Ramirez 2020-07-13
Coronavirus and Conspiracy Theories, with Michael Shermer 2020-07-06
Making a Phenom: The Mind 2020-07-03
Cosmic Queries – Get Some Space 2020-06-29
Cosmic Queries – Algorithms and Data, with Hannah Fry 2020-06-22
Making a Phenom: Genetics 2020-06-19
Cosmic Queries – Science Is Cool 2020-06-15
Cosmic Queries – Science to Know 2020-06-08
Coronavirus and Sports 2020-06-05
Cosmic Queries – Alien Oceans 2020-06-01
COVID-19 and Mental Health 2020-05-25
Pro Athlete Cosmic Queries 2020-05-22
Cosmic Queries – Humans in Space 2020-05-18
Cosmic Queries – Theoretical Physics 2020-05-11

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