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Title Date published
Cosmic Queries – Sports Genetics 2020-05-08
Cosmic Queries – Cosmic Conundrums 2020-05-04
COVID-19 Update, with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2020-04-27
Stadiums of the Future 2020-04-24
Coronavirus and Climate Change, with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2020-04-20
Cosmic Queries – Hubble Space Telescope 2020-04-13
Wrestling the Pandemic, with WWE’s Xavier Woods 2020-04-10
Cosmic Queries – Humans and Robots 2020-04-06
Science Fiction and Star Trek, with Zachary Quinto 2020-03-30
Unmanned: Drone Racing and Tech 2020-03-27
C-3PO and the Rise of Robots, with Anthony Daniels 2020-03-23
Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) 2020-03-16
The Carlos Beltrán Interview 2020-03-13
Cosmic Queries: Until the End of Time, with Brian Greene 2020-03-09
Cosmic Queries – Black Holes and Dark Energy Part II 2020-03-02
Show Me the Money: Is it College Athlete Payday? 2020-02-28
Cosmic Queries – Black Holes and Dark Energy 2020-02-24
Geekdom 101, with Olivia Munn 2020-02-17
Cosmic Queries – The Joy of Tech 2020-02-14
Live at Awesome Con – To Mars and Beyond 2020-02-10

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