<p>Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara as he breaks down legal topics in the news and engages thought leaders in a podcast about power, policy, and justice.</p>


Title Date published
Cyber Space with John Carlin (ft. John Demers) 2020-06-05
Protest, Pain & Hope (with Karen Attiah) 2020-06-04
CAFE Insider 6/2: George Floyd & America in Turmoil 2020-06-02
Between Two Prosecutors: Part I (with Cyrus Vance Jr.) 2020-05-28
CAFE Insider 5/26: Meet the Fokker Case 2020-05-27
The Shape of Recovery (with Zanny Minton Beddoes) 2020-05-21
CAFE Insider 5/19: IGs, Unmaskings & Insider Trading 2020-05-19
Our Chronic Ills (with George Packer) 2020-05-14
CAFE Insider 5/12: Water Under the Bridgegate 2020-05-12
CAFE Insider 5/8: Barr Spins, Flynn Wins 2020-05-08
Consciousness & COVID Ethics (with Sam Harris) 2020-05-07
CAFE Insider 5/5: The Return of Flynn & McGahn 2020-05-06
The New Threat Matrix 2020-05-04
FISA Follies & Trump’s Taxes (with Steve Vladeck) 2020-04-30
CAFE Insider 4/28: Legal Gambits 2020-04-28
Ballot Battles (with Michael Waldman) 2020-04-23
CAFE Insider 4/21: Rolling with Pandemic Punches 2020-04-21
Fighting for Life (with Wes Moore & David Lat) 2020-04-16
CAFE Insider 4/14: COVID Aftershocks 2020-04-15
Trump v. The Invisible Enemy (with Peter Baker) 2020-04-09

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