<p>Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara as he breaks down legal topics in the news and engages thought leaders in a podcast about power, policy, and justice.</p>


Title Date published
CAFE Insider 08/05: Ending Gun Violence 2019-08-05
CIA Spies & Gadgets (with Michael Morell) 2019-08-01
CAFE Insider 07/29: Mueller Testimony Aftermath 2019-07-29
The Mueller Testimony (with Anne Milgram) 2019-07-25
CAFE Insider 07/22: Mueller Time, At Last 2019-07-22
Epstein's Lawyers & Leaving the GOP (with George Will) 2019-07-18
CAFE Insider 07/15: U.S. v. Jeffrey Epstein 2019-07-15
Charging Epstein & Road to "La Casa Blanca" (with Julián Castro) 2019-07-11
CAFE Insider 07/08: Epstein & Con(Census) 2019-07-08
What Patriotism Means to You (with Heidi Schreck) 2019-07-04
Crime & Politics (with Rachel Barkow) 2019-06-27
CAFE Insider 06/24: Unsafe, Unsanitary, Untenable 2019-06-24
Jailing Manafort & the Iran Standoff (with Ben Rhodes) 2019-06-20
CAFE Insider 06/17: Law is for Losers 2019-06-17
Truth in the Trump Era (with David McCraw) 2019-06-13
The Laws of Language (with Benjamin Dreyer) 2019-06-06
CAFE Insider 06/03: Treason Season 2019-06-04
Mueller Speaks & The Underdog (with Andrew Yang) 2019-05-30
Duty to Impeach & Realpolitik (with David Ignatius) 2019-05-23
CAFE Insider 05/20: Reversing Roe & Politicizing Pardons 2019-05-20

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