Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for a podcast about justice and fairness.


Title Date published
The Science of Leadership (with Adam Grant) 2018-12-27
Does Silicon Valley Have a Conscience? (with Kara Swisher) 2018-12-20
What is the Fifth Risk? (with Michael Lewis) 2018-12-13
Live from Los Angeles (with Kumail Nanjiani) 2018-12-06
CAFE Insider: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty (Again) 2018-12-01
All the President’s Lawyers (with Bob Bauer) 2018-11-29
CAFE Insider: Justice Roberts's Rebuke 2018-11-26
Live from the Lincoln Theatre (with Chuck Todd) 2018-11-21
CAFE Insider (Episode 2, Part 1): Mueller Anxiety at the White House 2018-11-20
How to Assess a Presidency (with Michael Beschloss) 2018-11-15
CAFE Insider: Sessions Out. Whitaker In. What’s Next for Mueller? 2018-11-09
The Election and Its Aftermath (with David Axelrod) 2018-11-08
Live from Town Hall (with Jeffrey Toobin) 2018-11-01
Laugh to Keep from Crying (with Samantha Bee) 2018-10-25
The Death of Jamal Khashoggi (with Fareed Zakaria) 2018-10-18
Making Centrism Sexy (with Max Boot) 2018-10-11
Chasing the Truth About Kavanaugh (with Jane Mayer) 2018-10-04
The Kavanaugh Hearings (with Anne Milgram) 2018-09-28
Kavanaugh and the GOP's Women Problem (with Nicolle Wallace) 2018-09-27
Fair Play (with Sally Jenkins) 2018-09-20

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