<p>Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara as he breaks down legal topics in the news and engages thought leaders in a podcast about power, policy, and justice.</p>


Title Date published
CAFE Insider 2/25: Time's Up for Weinstein & Jail for Stone 2020-02-25
Pardonpalooza & #MeToo (with Ronan Farrow) 2020-02-20
Scenes from an Impeachment (with Dan Goldman) 2020-02-13
Stone Cold Crisis (with Anne Milgram) 2020-02-12
Iowa & The State of Disunion (with John Dickerson) 2020-02-06
National Security Special (with Lisa Monaco & Ken Wainstein) 2020-02-04
The Fate of the World in 2020 (with Ian Bremmer) 2020-01-30
CAFE Insider 1/28: Nuts & Bolton 2020-01-29
POTUS on Trial & A Military Mind (with Adm. James Stavridis) 2020-01-23
CAFE Insider 1/21: Mock Trial 2020-01-22
Born to Poll (with J. Ann Selzer) 2020-01-16
CAFE Insider 1/14: "Impeached For Life" 2020-01-15
Targeted Killings: Suleimani & Hoffa (with Jack Goldsmith) 2020-01-09
CAFE Insider 1/7: What Quds Go Wrong? 2020-01-08
Playing God (with Eric Lander) 2020-01-02
Revisiting Just Mercy (with Bryan Stevenson) 2019-12-26
Impeaching 45 (with Susan Glasser) 2019-12-19
CAFE Insider 12/17: Trial by Senate 2019-12-17
The Public Servant (with Sally Yates) 2019-12-12
CAFE Insider 12/10: Abuse(s) of Power 2019-12-10

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