HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.


Title Date published
Tiger’s Accident, Watson Trades, COVID and Common Sense, and NYC’s Future With Kevin Clark and Derek Thompson 2021-02-24
A Clippers Conundrum, LeBron MVP Myths, Kyrie’s Resurgence,  and the Ref Review Crisis With Ryen Russillo 2021-02-22
Dame vs. Curry, NFL Draft QBs, and Flea on the Lakers With Chris Haynes and Danny Kelly 2021-02-19
Charles Barkley on Ben Simmons, Zion’s Flaws, the Center Revolution, Adam Silver, and the Nets vs. the Lakers 2021-02-16
Celtics Panic and All-Star Arguments Galore With Kevin O’Connor 2021-02-15
State of Zion, Sleeper Suns, Clubhouse’s Ceiling, and Brady’s Last Laugh With Rob Mahoney, Nathan Hubbard, and Seth Wickersham 2021-02-12
Super Bowl Lessons and Super-duper-star Steph 2.0 With Kevin Clark and Logan Murdock 2021-02-10
All Hail Tompa Bay, Plus 2022 Best NFL Bets With Cousin Sal 2021-02-08
The Case for Tompa and Million-Dollar Picks With Peter Schrager. Plus: Casey Affleck on Sports Movies. 2021-02-05
Brooklyn Bliss, Draymond’s Dip, and CJ McCollum Stops By 2021-02-03
Best Super Bowl Props, Plus Sal-a-Palooza 2021 With Cousin Sal and Surprise Guests 2021-02-01
Best Beal Trades, the GameStop Scandal, and Super Bowl Talk With Joe House, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Jamal Adams 2021-01-29
Best NBA Unicorns, Plus Sports Card Boom 3.0 With Kevin O’Connor and Mike Gioseffi 2021-01-27
The Mahomes-Brady Bowl, Conflicted Pats Fans, and Playoff Rodgers With Cousin Sal 2021-01-25
Jimmy Kimmel, Plus Red-Hot Million Dollar Picks With Peter Schrager 2021-01-22
Brooklyn’s Ceiling, Brady vs. Boston Fans, 'The Bachelor,' and Taylor Swift With Jackie MacMullan and Nora Princiotti   2021-01-19
The Henne Game, Brady Over Brees, Most Fun Super Bowl Possibilities, and Round 3 Lines With Cousin Sal 2021-01-18
Harden Trade 2.0, Brady’s Big Chance, and NFL Playoff Picks With Peter Schrager 2021-01-15
LeBron’s MVP Run, LaMelo’s Leap, Steph’s F.U. Tour, and the NBA's COVID Issues With Ryen Russillo 2021-01-12
Browns Fever, Lamar’s Revenge, the Sleeper Rams, and Round 2 Lines With Cousin Sal 2021-01-11

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