HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.


Title Date published
Sleeper Celtics, Boring Rockets, and Next-Gen Tickets With Bill's Dad, Mark Titus, and Nathan Hubbard | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 361) 2018-05-04
LeBron Believes (Again), Philly's Big Test, and a Chaotic Summer Coming With Brian Windhorst | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 360) 2018-05-02
Fixing OKC, Sad D.C. Fans, Saving Giannis, Amazing LeBron, and Didi vs. Jeter With House and JackO | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 359) 2018-04-30
A Late-Night NFL Draft Party and NBA Talk With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 358) 2018-04-27
Here Come the 76ers, Plus Jerrod Carmichael | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 357) 2018-04-25
NBA Craziness Plus the Return of Desus and Mero | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 356) 2018-04-23
Chuck Klosterman on the Tiger Woods Book, NFL Draft QBs, and Rondo's Renaissance | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 355) 2018-04-20
Brady vs. Belichick, Sad Spurs Fans, and Best New Action Movies With Shea Serrano | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 354) 2018-04-18
NBA Playoff Unicorns, Decoding Kawhi, and Round 1 Overreactions With Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 353) 2018-04-17
2018 NBA Playoff Mega-Preview With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 352) 2018-04-13
Mike Francesa on the NBA's Real MVP, Yanks-Sox, and Masters Lessons. Plus: the Facebook Crisis with Alyssa Bereznak | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 351) 2018-04-11
Sixers Mania, the Masters, 'WrestleMania 34,' and Making 'Andre the Giant' | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 350) 2018-04-09
So Long, Kyrie, and Hello, Augusta, With Joe House and Bill’s Dad | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 349) 2018-04-06
The 2018 Masters Tournament With Bill's Dad and Jeff Goldblum Reminisces on His Decades-Long Movie Career | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 348) 2018-04-04
NBA Playoff Chaos, Kawhi Drama, and UConn Goes Down (Ep. 347) 2018-04-02
Kevin Durant Returns, Part Two (Ep. 346) 2018-03-29
Kevin Durant Returns, Part One (Ep. 345) 2018-03-28
Al Pacino and Barry Levinson on 'Dog Day Afternoon,' HBO's 'Paterno,' and 'The Godfather' (Ep. 344) 2018-03-26
'Billions,' 'Rounders,' and Andre the Giant With Brian Koppelman (Ep. 343) 2018-03-23
Michael and Martellus Bennett on LeBron James's Activism, Tom Brady, and Getting Traded (Ep. 342) 2018-03-21

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