HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.


Title Date published
Ep. 182: Reliving the Oscars With Jimmy Kimmel and Cousin Sal 2017-03-02
Ep 181: The Oscars Disaster Recap With Wesley Morris and Sean Fennessey 2017-02-27
Ep. 180: Friday Rollin' Trade Deadline Recap With Joe House, Chris Ryan, and Kevin O'Connor 2017-02-24
Ep. 179: The Battle for Tech Supremacy With Ben Thompson 2017-02-23
Ep. 178: Dealing With the Trade Deadline With J.J. Redick 2017-02-21
Ep. 177: Malcolm Gladwell 2017-02-17
Ep. 176: NBA Trade Talk With Kevin Clark and Sean Grande 2017-02-14
Ep. 175: Brian Koppelman and David Shoemaker 2017-02-13
Ep. 174: Kevin Durant 2017-02-10
Ep. 173: Steve Kerr 2017-02-08
Ep. 172: Emergency Super Bowl Pod With Mike Lombardi, Cousin Sal, and Bill's Dad 2017-02-06
Ep. 171: Friday Rollin' With Bryan Curtis and Mike Lombardi 2017-02-03
Ep. 170: Sports Movie Hall of Fame: 'White Men Can't Jump' 2017-02-01
Ep. 169: Super Bowl LI Prop Bets With Cousin Sal and Mike Lombardi 2017-01-31
Ep. 168: Carmelo Trades and Falcons-Pats w/ Joe House + Rembert Browne 2017-01-27
Ep. 167: Bill Burr 2017-01-25
Ep. 166: Cousin Sal and Wesley Morris 2017-01-23
Ep. 165: Seth Meyers and Michael Schur 2017-01-20
Ep. 164: Mike Lombardi and Sarah Tiana 2017-01-18
Ep. 163: Conference Championship Lines With Cousin Sal and 'Patriots Day' With Peter Berg 2017-01-16

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