<p>We interview and study famous financial billionaires including Warren Buffett and Howard Marks, and teach you what we learn and how you can apply their investment strategies in the stock market. </p>


Title Date published
TIP281: Intrinsic Value Assessment of Mastercard w/ Sean Stannard-Stockton (Investing Podcast) 2020-02-09
TIP280: A History of 5 US Market Crashes w/ Scott Nations (Business Podcast) 2020-02-02
TIP279: Stock Market Melt-up w/ Luke Gromen (Business Podcast) 2020-01-26
TIP278: Contrarian Investing Ideas w/ Cullen Roche (Business Podcast) 2020-01-19
TIP277: Intrinsic Value Assessment of Disney - w/ David Trainer (Business Podcast) 2020-01-12
TIP276: The Euro & Its Impact On European Banking w/ Thomas Mayer (Business Podcast) 2020-01-05
TIP275: Mastermind Discussion 4Q 2019 (Business Podcast) 2019-12-29
TIP274: Negative Interest Rate Bonds & Commodities w/ Marin Katusa (Business Podcast) 2019-12-22
TIP273: Billionaire Jim Simons' Quant Revolution w/ Gregory Zuckerman 2019-12-15
TIP272: X-Prize Founder Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler on the speed of technology (Business Podcast) 2019-12-08
TIP271: An Intrinsic Value Assessment w/ Dan Ferris (Business Podcast) 2019-12-01
TIP270: Jesse Itzler - NBA Owner, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author (Business Podcast) 2019-11-24
TIP269: Factor Based Investing w/ Jack Vogel (Business Podcast) 2019-11-17
TIP268: Small Cap Investing w/ David Flood (Business Podcast) 2019-11-10
TIP267: An Intrinsic Value Assessment w/ Sean Stannard-Stockton (Business Podcast) 2019-11-03
TIP266: David Stein - Key Questions & Answers to Master Investing (Business Podcast) 2019-10-27
TIP265: Mark Yusko - The Endowment Model of Investing (Business Podcast) 2019-10-20
TIP264: Mastermind Discussion 3Q 2019 (Business Podcast) 2019-10-13
TIP263: Commercial Real Estate Investing - w/ Ian Formigle (Business Podcast) 2019-10-06
TIP262: REPO Markets - What it is & What's happening (Business Podcast) 2019-09-29

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