<p>Listen in on revealing conversations with former officials from the highest levels of government shaping this pivotal moment in American history — what shaped these leaders, what drew them to public service, and what keeps them up at night.</p>


Title Date published
BONUS: Chuck Rosenberg on Article II 2020-01-06
Roberta Jacobson: The Ambassador 2019-11-13
John Pistole: Full Circle 2019-11-06
Jeremy Bash: Central Intelligence 2019-10-30
Bob Paulson: The Mountie 2019-10-23
James Stavridis: Fair Winds and Following Seas 2019-10-16
Anthony Williams: The Mayor 2019-10-09
Joyce Vance: Sweet Home 2019-10-02
Kathy Ruemmler: The Counsel 2019-09-25
William McRaven: Send Me 2019-09-18
Rob Spencer: Remember 2019-09-10
Preview: Season 2 2019-09-09
James Comey: Upward Sloping Line 2019-06-26
Patrick Fitzgerald: The Right Thing 2019-06-19
Barbara McQuade: Greed and Power 2019-06-12
Nicolle Wallace: Lottery Tickets 2019-06-05
Sally Yates: Decisions 2019-05-29
James Baker: Going Dark 2019-05-22
Lisa Monaco: Dr. Doom 2019-05-15
Andrew McCabe: Crisis Response 2019-05-08

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