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Title Date published
'Heat Check' — Silver Medalists, the Draymond Green Award, and LeBron vs. New York (Ep. 161) 2017-11-13
‘Group Chat’ — Anti-Melo, Pro-Kristaps, and the Lavar Ball Conspiracy (Ep. 160) 2017-11-09
'Sources Say’ — NBA Gossip in the Age of Leaks (Ep. 159) 2017-11-08
Bill Simmons and Pastor Carl Lentz on Locker Room Culture, Secret Scrimmages, and More (Ep. 158) 2017-11-08
Bledsoe Is a Buck, Kyrie Is Basketball Houdini, Kristaps Is a Superstar (Ep. 157) 2017-11-07
‘Heat Check’ — To Dame or Not to Dame (Ep. 156) 2017-11-06
Early Season Assessments With Bill Simmons and Tom Haberstroh (Ep. 155) 2017-11-03
'Group Chat' — Should We Be Worried About the Cavs? Should We Be Excited for the Knicks? (Ep. 154) 2017-11-02
Tricks and Treats of the Early NBA Season (Ep. 153) 2017-10-31
'Heat Check' — Real or Not Real: Cavs, Clips, Magic, and more (Ep. 152) 2017-10-30
'Group Chat' — It Turns Out All the Bad Teams Are Good (Ep. 151) 2017-10-26
‘Sources Say’ — Eight Days of Drama: Syringe-gate, Salon-gate, and More (Ep. 150) 2017-10-25
First-Week Impressions and Overreactions With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 149) 2017-10-24
MVP Giannis, the Suns’ Implosion, and Lonzo’s Awakening (Ep. 148) 2017-10-23
'Group Chat' — Lonzo Gets Baptized, CP3 Makes a Movie, and the Sixers Must Learn to Share (Ep. 147) 2017-10-20
Blow It Out (or Up) NBA Season Preview With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 146) 2017-10-17
The State of the NBA With Bill Simmons and Haralabos Voulgaris (Ep. 145) 2017-10-16
‘Group Chat’ — Drinking the Kool-Aid … or Not (Ep. 144) 2017-10-13
The (Contract Extension) Price Is Right (Ep. 143) 2017-10-10
NBA Over/Under With Bill Simmons—Eastern Conference (Ep. 142) 2017-10-04

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