<p>A daily breakdown of the latest story lines, trends, and important developments in the NBA. We promise to keep the Sixers and Celtics discussion to a reasonable amount … or to at least try.</p>


Title Date published
Ep. 17: 2016 NBA Draft Top International Talents 2016-06-22
Ep. 16: Game 7 Reaction 2016-06-20
Ep. 15: 2016 NBA Draft Lottery Picks and Late-First-Round Selections 2016-06-17
Ep. 14: 'Ringer NBA Show' Finals Game 6 Preview with Tate Frazier, Travon Free, and Pat Barker 2016-06-15
Ep. 13: Game 5 and Draymond's Suspension 2016-06-13
Ep. 12: 2016 NBA Draft Sleepers and Busts With Danny Chau and Jonathan Tjarks 2016-06-10
Ep. 11: Winners and Losers Finals Game 3 With Chris Ryan, Juliet Litman, and Tate Frazier 2016-06-09
Ep. 10: 'The Ringer NBA Show' Finals Game 1 With Chris Ryan, Juliet Litman, and Tate Frazier 2016-06-03
Ep. 9: 'Ringer NBA Show' Finals Preview With Chris Ryan, Travon Free, and Tate Frazier 2016-06-01
Ep. 8: Conference Finals With Juliet Litman, Travon Free, and Tate Frazier 2016-05-27
Ep. 7: 'Sources Say' With Andrew Sharp 2016-05-19
Ep. 6: NBA Draft Lottery 2016-05-18
Ep. 5: What's Up With the Magic??? 2016-05-12
Ep. 4: 'The Ringer NBA Show' With Bill Simmons and Joe House 2016-05-10
Ep. 3: 'NBA Show' With Bill Simmons and Tate Frazier 2016-05-06
Ep. 2: 'Sources Say' With Chris Ryan and Juliet Litman 2016-05-05
Ep. 1: ‘NBA Show’ Premiere With Bill Simmons and Howard Beck 2016-04-29

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