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Title Date published
S E1: Bonus Episode: The Forgotten Giant of Women’s Basketball 2019-07-25
S5E6: Successful But Not Equal 2019-07-09
S5E5: The Civil Rights Pioneer That History Forgot 2019-07-03
S5E4: Too Strong for a Woman 2019-06-26
S5E3: These Are the Bodies 2019-06-19
S5E2: A Team of Their Own 2019-06-12
S5E1: Ours to Win 2019-06-05
S5E1: Season Five Trailer: Let Us Play 2019-06-03
S E1: Introducing Business Wars - McDonald’s vs Burger King 2019-05-15
Bonus Episode: A Tale of Two Killers 2019-04-24
S4E6: An Insane Defense? 2019-04-17
S4E5: [FIXED] A Star-Spangled Murder 2019-04-10
S4E4: America's Pet Murderer 2019-04-03
S4E3: “The Greatest Love Offering in the History of the World" 2019-03-27
S4E2: An Irresistible Impulse 2019-03-20
S4E1: Insights Into The Mind of Madness 2019-03-20
Season Four Trailer: By Way of Insanity 2019-03-15
S3E7: Bonus Episode: From King to Kaepernick 2018-10-29
S3E6: The Soul Force 2018-10-15
S3E5: ‘I Will Be Heard' 2018-10-08

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