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Title Date published
S3E4: The Transformation of Leo Tolstoy 2018-10-01
S3E3: Turning Enemies Into Friends 2018-09-24
S3E2: An Angelic Troublemaker 2018-09-17
S3E1: The Pride and The Power 2018-09-10
Season Three Trailer: A History of Nonviolent Resistance 2018-08-27
S2E6: From MGM to #MeToo 2018-04-16
S2E5: The King of Hollywood 2018-04-09
S2E4: The Misfits 2018-04-02
S2E3:  The Woman Who Will Not Die 2018-03-26
S2E2: The Playboy Mystique 2018-03-19
S2E1: Of Ms. and Men 2018-03-12
Season Two Trailer: The Birth of #MeToo 2018-03-08
Bonus Episode: From Drug Deals to the New Deal 2017-12-18
Bonus Episode: The Bard and a Bird Strike 2017-12-11
S1E6: From Lennon to Lenin 2017-10-30
S1E5: The Bohemians 2017-10-23
S1E4: America’s Troubled Shakespeare 2017-10-16
S1E3: Caught Between Two Postage Stamps 2017-10-09
S1E2: Holden Caulfield Goes to War 2017-10-02
S1E1: The Murder of John Lennon 2017-09-24

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