<p>Everywhere around us are echoes of the past. Those echoes define the boundaries of states and countries, how we pray and how we fight. They determine what money we spend and how we earn it at work, what language we speak and how we raise our children. From Wondery, host Patrick Wyman, PhD (“Fall Of Rome”) helps us understand our world and how it got to be the way it is.</p>


Title Date published
32 | Peasants' Rebellions and Resistance 2018-09-20
31 | Peasants and the Medieval Countryside 2018-09-13
Listener Mail: Your Questions, Our Answers 2018-09-06
Tides of History Book Report: The Guns of August 2018-08-26
Interview: Economist Jared Rubin on Islam, Christianity, and the Rise of the West 2018-08-23
30 | Chivalry 2018-08-16
29 | The Effects of the Hundred Years War 2018-08-09
Tides of History Book Club: Getting Medieval with Dan Jones 2018-07-30
Interview: Historian William Chester Jordan on the Great Famine and the High Middle Ages 2018-07-26
28 | The Hundred Years War: Agincourt, Joan of Arc, and the Rise and Fall of English Power in France 2018-07-19
27 | The Hundred Years War: Origins and the Triumph of England 2018-07-12
26 | Europe After the Black Death 2018-06-28
25 | The Black Death 2018-06-21
Tides of History Book Club: Roger Crowley Takes Us To The High Seas 2018-06-18
Interview: Historian and Friend of the Show Keith Pluymers on Rebellions and Popular Politics in Early Modern Europe 2018-06-14
Tides of History Book Club: Chris Wickham and the Legacy of Rome 2018-06-04
24 | 1346: Europe on the Brink 2018-05-31
23 | John Calvin, Henry VIII, and the Counter-Reformation 2018-05-24
Tides of History Book Club: The Old West 2018-05-18
22 | Martin Luther and the Early Reformation 2018-05-17

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