<p>When video collector Mark Cambria watches a mysterious VHS tape, he begins talking in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist. Mark and his girlfriend Tamra set out to investigate the tape's origin and find themselves caught up in a web of conspiracy, occult, and dread surrounding a legendary video store with a sinister purpose beyond imagining. Video Palace was created by Nick Braccia and Mike Monello, directed by Ben Rock, written by Ben Rock &amp; Bob DeRosa and stars Chase Williamson and Devin Sidell.&nbsp;</p>


Title Date published
13. BONUS: In Search of the Eyeless Man: A Texas Teen Story by Brea Grant 2020-10-26
12. BONUS: In Search of the Eyeless Man: The Real Sharon Lockenby by Graham Skipper 2020-10-19
11. BONUS: In Search of the Eyeless Man: Dr. Maynard Wills: An Origin Story 2020-10-12
10. The Stack 2018-11-23
9. Revok 2018-11-19
8. Life Support 2018-11-16
7. The Code 2018-11-12
6. The Hidden Basement 2018-11-09
5. Pilgrimage 2018-11-05
4. Dissonance 2018-11-02
3. The Piano Tuner 2018-10-29
2. Obsession 2018-10-26
1. Somniloquy 2018-10-16

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