What drives people in Europe? How do Europeans lead their lives? What are their views, hopes and fears? Fokus Europa provides the answers: up close, exciting and balanced.


Title Date published
France: Fighting racism with photography 2021-01-21
Turkey’s first female facade cleaner 2021-01-21
Lithuania offers protection from Lukashenko 2021-01-21
Russia: Fighting mountains of garbage 2021-01-14
Italy: From "Mafia Village" to model community 2021-01-14
Bosnia: Lipa's refugees 2021-01-14
Portugal: Beloved spot for digital nomads 2021-01-07
EU medical workers flee Britain due to Brexit 2021-01-07
Spain: Squatter evictions on the rise 2020-12-31
Turkey: Honey with side effects 2020-12-31
The Babushka from Lake Baikal 2020-12-24
Germany: Corona instead of Carmen 2020-12-24
Spain: A bright new future for deserted villages? 2020-12-24
Greece: Dispute over wind power 2020-12-17
The transgender German Bundeswehr commander 2020-12-17
Turkey: Construction on sacred Alevi sites 2020-12-17
Russia: Undertakers Overwhelmed 2020-12-12
Journalists face repression in Montenegro 2020-12-10
French border police patrol English Channel 2020-12-10
Greece: Lonesome lessons 2020-12-03

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