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Title Date published
2020 will Bring a Historic Defeat for the Republicans: Stan Greenberg on the Election, plus D.D. Guttenplan on Edward Snowden and Sasha Abramsky on Trump 2019-09-18
Why Doesn’t the GOP Resist Trump the Way Tories Resist Boris Johnson? D.D. Guttenplan on Britian and America, plus Katha Pollitt on Trump and John Nichols on Republican Resignations 2019-09-11
Why the Koch Brothers Don’t Support Trump: Christopher Leonard on “Kochland,” plus Joan Walsh on Indivisible 2019-09-04
The White Power Movement after El Paso: Kathleen Belew on domestic terrorism, plus Davis Maraniss on HUAC 2019-08-28
Trump’s Terrible Poll Numbers: Jeet Heer on the campaign, plus J. Hoberman on Reagan and the movies 2019-08-21
Bernie or Bust? Harold Meyerson on DSA, plus Katha Pollitt on Jeffrey Epstein and John Nichols on White Nationalism 2019-08-14
America After El Paso: Joan Walsh on Trump, plus Katha Pollitt on Protest and D.D. Guttenplan on the Green New Deal 2019-08-07
Trump’s Escalating Racism: A Sign of Political Desperation? Harold Meyerson, plus Jeet Heer on Al Franken and Paul Krassner remembered 2019-07-31
Is Trump Crazy? Would Pence be Worse? Amy Wilentz & Jane Mayer, plus EJ Dionne: America After Trump 2019-07-24
Democracy Is Not Well: Astra Taylor, plus Katha Pollitt on Travel to Mars 2019-07-17
Joy-Ann Reid: How Trump Happened; plus Amy Wilentz on Jared’s Mid-East Peace Plan 2019-07-10
Joe Biden has No Place to Go Except Down: Robert Borosage on politics, plus Martin Duberman on the lost world of gay liberation 2019-07-03
Elizabeth Warren’s American Story: Joan Walsh on the senator, plus Jeet Heer on Joe Biden and Andrew Bacevich on Mideast Wars 2019-06-26
Elizabeth Warren is Leading in the Ideas Primary: Katrina vanden Heuvel, plus John Nichols on Bernie and Socialism and Sasha Abramsky on Florida 2019-06-19
Trump or Brexit: Which is Worse? DD Guttenplan on politics, plus John Nichols with Rashida Tlaib and Katha Pollitt on abortion and men 2019-06-12
The Missing Candidate in California: Joe Biden--David Dayen on the Primaries, plus Bruce Shapiro on Assange and Ezra Levin on the Indivisible Pledge 2019-06-05
Daniel Ellsberg: Espionage and Julian Assange; plus Robert Pollin on Medicare for All and Alyssa Battistoni on Climate Politics 2019-05-29
The New York Times vs. Bernie: Amy Wilentz on media bias, plus John Nichols on Ilhan Omar and Karen Greenberg on government secrecy 2019-05-22
What Joe Biden Has In Common with Donald Trump: Harold Meyerson, plus Michael Ames on Bowe Bergdahl and Laila Lalami on ‘The Other Americans’ 2019-05-15
The New Voters of 2020 and the Democrats: Steve Phillips, plus Ben Ehrenreich on Climate and Commerce and Amy Wilentz on Haiti’s Notre Dame 2019-05-08

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