Who can I trust for the best running tips? How do I make myself mentally tougher? How do I stop comparing myself to other runners, and instead, build my confidence? And of course, How can I get faster while also enjoying my running more? Welcome to The Running For Real Podcast where we will answer these questions and many more! Every week, 2:36 marathon runner and mom Tina Muir will bring you sports psychologists, doctors, scientists, dietitians, elite runners, strength training coaches, running form experts, and of course, everyday runners with inspiring stories to motivate you and help YOU run YOUR best! Tina shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to reach her potential as a runner and build that runner grit to be your best. Along with sharing her best kept secrets, and postpartum journey, she interviews the best in the industry (Kara Goucher, Dean Karnazes, Dr. Rich Willy, Sally Bergesen, Manal Rostom, Chrissie Wellington, Jared Ward and many more) who will share their best advice and be real with you in a way you have never heard before. With over a million downloads and counting, the Running For Real Community is getting bigger every day. It is YOUR TURN to hear from the experts, get inspired, and reach your biggest goals. Ready? Let’s get started my friend!


Title Date published
Margo Mountjoy: There's Always A Healthy Way To Reach Your Goals -R4R 177 2020-03-13
Liza Howard: Be Happy In Your Mess -R4R 176 2020-03-06
Hillary Allen: Redefine What 'Strength' Is -R4R 175 2020-02-28
Cindy Kuzma and Carrie Jackson Cheadle: Injury Recovery Requires More Mental Toughness Than Running -R4R 174 2020-02-21
Alex Hutchinson: How Much Is Too Much Innovation? -R4R 173 2020-02-14
Alysia Montano: Fighting For A Level Playing Field -R4R 172 2020-02-07
Clare Gallagher: Saving The Only Planet On Which We Can Run -R4R 171 2020-01-31
Jay Dicharry: Small Workouts, Big Changes -R4R 170 2020-01-24
Molly Huddle: Olympic Trials, The State of Running, Shoes, and Her New Podcast -R4R 169 2020-01-17
Michael Gervais: There Are No Shortcuts To Living An Insightful, High Performing Life -R4R 168 2020-01-10
Michael Capiraso: NYRR President and CEO -R4R 167 2020-01-03
Kara Goucher: Performance Comes From Your Training, Not Your Weight -R4R 166 2019-12-27
LIVE at CIM: Max King and James McKirdy -R4R 165 2019-12-20
R4R Superstars LIVE at CIM: Janae Baron, Joe Retherford, and Charrissa Lin -R4R 164 2019-12-19
Chris McDougall: Running With Sherman -R4R 163 2019-12-13
Sanjay Rawal: Running With Transcendence -R4R 162 2019-12-06
Jared Ward and 2019 Holiday Gift Guide -R4R 161 2019-11-29
Billy Yang: There Is Comfort In Our Discomfort -R4R 160 2019-11-22
Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani: Celebrate Body Diversity -R4R 159 2019-11-15
Jeff Warren: Meditation Is The Practice of Being Human -R4R 158 2019-11-08

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