Who can I trust for the best running tips? How do I make myself mentally tougher? How do I stop comparing myself to other runners, and instead, build my confidence? And of course, How can I get faster while also enjoying my running more? Welcome to The Running For Real Podcast where we will answer these questions and many more! Every week, 2:36 marathon runner and mom Tina Muir will bring you sports psychologists, doctors, scientists, dietitians, elite runners, strength training coaches, running form experts, and of course, everyday runners with inspiring stories to motivate you and help YOU run YOUR best! Tina shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to reach her potential as a runner and build that runner grit to be your best. Along with sharing her best kept secrets, and postpartum journey, she interviews the best in the industry (Kara Goucher, Dean Karnazes, Dr. Rich Willy, Sally Bergesen, Manal Rostom, Chrissie Wellington, Jared Ward and many more) who will share their best advice and be real with you in a way you have never heard before. With over a million downloads and counting, the Running For Real Community is getting bigger every day. It is YOUR TURN to hear from the experts, get inspired, and reach your biggest goals. Ready? Let’s get started my friend!


Title Date published
BONUS NYC UCAN Live Show: Emily Abbate, Angie Spencer, and Carrie Tollefson - R4R 157 2019-11-06
BONUS NYRR Live: Jonathan Fader, Deena Kastor, and Special Guest, Kubra -R4R 156 2019-11-04
Ali Butler Glenesk: Find Your Confidence Spark -R4R 155 2019-11-01
Shannon Osika: Taking Down The Mental Barrier Takes Down The Physical Barrier -R4R 154 2019-10-25
Mirna Valerio: If You Want To Learn How Your Body Works, You Gotta Use It -R4R 152 2019-10-18
Beyond Running: Menopause with Stacy Sims -R4R 151 2019-10-14
Dean Karnazes: Running For Good -R4R 150 2019-10-11
Beyond Running: Asthma and Breathing Problems with Dr John Dickinson - R4R 149 2019-10-07
Nellie Acevedo: Share Your Journey -R4R 148 2019-10-04
Beyond Running: Miscarriage and Loss with Heidi Greenwood -R4R 147 2019-09-30
Thabang Madiba: The Most Important Thing Is To Start -R4R 146 2019-09-27
Beyond Running: Michael Anderson, Alan Kaufman, and Mauricio Blandino Running with Disabilities -R4R 145 2019-09-23
Nicole DeBoom: Freedom Takes Different Forms -R4R 144 2019-09-20
Beyond Running: Suicide with Shelli Gordon -R4R 143 2019-09-16
New York Live Show- Meb Keflezighi, Jenny Simpson, and Rachel Pratt- R4R 142 2019-09-13
Beyond Running: Visual Impairments with Rich Hunter- R4R 141 2019-09-09
Susan Lacke: If It Doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You -R4R 140 2019-09-06
Beyond Running: Anxiety Disorders with Ken Johnson R4R 139 2019-09-02
Bill Rodgers: Everyone Improves In This Sport -R4R 138 2019-08-30
Dave Spandorfer: Running Creates Positive Change With Ourselves And The World -R4R 137 2019-08-23

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