The podcast that brings you interviews with reckless dreamers and their stories of entrepreneurship, innovation and impact. Each week, we’ll talk to dreamers from an eclectic mix of fields- the arts, sciences, education, digital, social enterprise, sport, retail- you name it! We’ll weave through their professional and personal journey to uncover the secrets to their success but sure to talk about failure too! You’ll pick up the business education you need, from funding, strategy, and operations to marketing. It’s all to help you follow your own reckless dream so if you’re curious, creative and ready to make an impact on this world then this is for you! Inspired by StartUp, TED and Desert Island Discs. Hosted by Samira Sohail.


Title Date published
#35 Croissant: the key to unlock a global coworking space with Nisha Garigarn 2018-01-16
#34 Exit West: Migrants and magical doors with author, Mohsin Hamid 2018-01-08
#33 The Good Immigrant: a document for what it means to be a person of colour. Nikesh Shukla 2017-12-05
#32 bring your own bot! Amy the personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence, Dennis Mortensen 2017-11-27
#31 Streetbees, capturing real life moments from real people to power new products with Tugce Bulut 2017-11-21
#30 citizenM, the new boutique hotel on the block for the modern mobile traveller with Noreen Chadha 2017-11-07
#29 The only social university for lifelong learning with Ivy, Beri Meric 2017-10-23
#28 Building a media empire out of a daily email newsletter, The Hustle with Sam Parr 2017-10-16
#27 The challenger bank for the smartphone generation with Monzo, Tom Blomfield 2017-10-09
#26 The tech community response to refugee needs, Techfugees with Josephine Goube 2017-10-02
#25 The kids bank that turns pocket money into lifelong spending lessons, Osper with Alick Varma 2017-09-25
#24 Empowering the crowd to startup invest with Luke Lang, CrowdCube 2017-09-14
#23 The invisibility cloak made with fasiontech by Saif Siddiqui, ISHU 2017-09-04
#22 3 words to invent a new address system with Chris Sheldrick, What3Words 2017-08-28
#21 Is bitcoin a better savings investment? Cedric Dahl, Bitcoin expert 2017-08-20
#20 A spoken poet word saving youth politics with Suli Breaks 2017-08-14
#19 How the canvas tote bag became a fashion statement with Smruti Sriram, Supreme Creations 2016-10-24
#18 How a 20 yr old became a Venture Capital star, Harry Stebbings- The Twenty Minute VC 2016-10-10
#17 How Pixar makes imaginary worlds real with Danielle Feinberg 2016-09-25
#16 Harness the maker mindset in kids with a hands-on kit subscription box, Sahar Meghani 2016-09-11

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