Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.


Title Date published
Episode 106: Listen to a Coaching Call About Running Your First Half Marathon 2019-08-20
Episode 105: District Track's Tom Brumlik on How to Train for the 800m 2019-08-12
Episode 104: Katy Sherratt on the Power of Running to Combat Homelessness 2019-08-08
Episode 103: The Results of the Podcast Survey and the Future of the Strength Running Podcast 2019-07-25
Episode 102: Running Form Expert Matt Phillips on Gait Retraining and Cues 2019-07-17
Episode 101: Menachem Brodie on the Finer Details of Strength Training for Endurance 2019-07-11
Episode 100: Body Care, Mobility, and Recovery with Alex Ellis 2019-06-24
Episode 99: Recovery 3 Ways - Acute, Training as Recovery, and Long-Term Rejuvenation 2019-06-18
Episode 98: Chris McClung of Rogue Running on Training Theory 2019-06-06
Episode 97: Fast Kate Grace on Growing Up Fit, Staple Workouts, and Courage 2019-05-28
Episode 96: Matt Fitzgerald on Suffering, Love, and why Life is a Marathon 2019-05-20
Episode 95: Peter Bromka on the Fear and Hope of the Marathon 2019-05-09
Episode 94: How to Avoid the Dark Side of Passion and Build a Sustainable Running Obsession 2019-05-02
Episode 93: 3:53 Miler Craig Engels on Training for Speed and his '80s-era Mustache 2019-04-24
Episode 92: How Deena Kastor Used Her Mind to Become a World-Class Athlete 2019-04-16
Episode 91: How to Create Motivation, Build Support Systems, and Multiply Your Performance 2019-04-03
Episode 90: Running for Enlightenment with Filmmaker Sanjay Rawal 2019-03-28
Episode 89: Meb Keflezighi: The Molding of a Distance Runner 2019-03-21
Episode 88: Dr. Mike Young on Metcon Workouts and Free Weights vs. Machines 2019-03-14
Episode 87: Do Runners Really Need Nutrition Supplements? 2019-02-28

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