Running and coaching tips for beginner and advanced runners with Coach Jason Fitzgerald. Featuring guests like Nick Symmonds and Shalane Flanagan, listeners will learn how to race faster, stay healthy, prevent running injuries, and get stronger in this informative and fun podcast.


Title Date published
122. Performance Psychology & Mental Skills with Dr. Justin Ross 2020-01-15
121. Top 5 Things I Learned From the Strength Running Podcast in 2019 2019-12-30
120. Mountain Runner Peter Maksimow on Public Lands, Urban Trails, Plogging, & IPA's 2019-12-09
119. Jason Coaches a Master's Runner on Goal Setting & Training Upgrades 2019-12-02
118. How to Become a Competitive Trail Runner, with Abby Levene 2019-11-25
117. The Pro Athlete Experience with Olympian Kate Grace & Endeavorun 2019-11-18
116. Trail Ultramarathoner Abby Hall on When to DNF, Failure, and Going All In 2019-11-11
Episode 115: Max King on How to Thrive in Any Race (Athleticism, Mobility, Strength) 2019-11-04
Episode 114: How Anna Mae Flynn Trains for Trail Ultramarathons 2019-10-30
Episode 113: 3 Elite Runners on Fueling for Workouts, Long Runs, and Races 2019-10-23
Episode 112: Train Your Mind: How to Get Mentally Fit with Dr. Marc Bubbs 2019-10-10
Episode 111: Base Training, the Maffetone Method, and Why You're Not 'Lungs with Legs' 2019-09-30
Episode 110: Jason Coaches a Runner on Race Strategy, Pacing, and Tune-up Race Strategy 2019-09-23
Episode 109: Filmmaker and Endurance Cyclist Jeremy Green Discusses Running Smarter 2019-09-11
Episode 108: Build Confidence, Intrinsic Motivation, and Drive with Matt Pendola 2019-09-02
Episode 107: Tina Muir Cohosts to Answer Your Strength Training Questions 2019-08-26
Episode 106: Listen to a Coaching Call About Running Your First Half Marathon 2019-08-20
Episode 105: District Track's Tom Brumlik on How to Train for the 800m 2019-08-12
Episode 104: Katy Sherratt on the Power of Running to Combat Homelessness 2019-08-08
Episode 103: The Results of the Podcast Survey and the Future of the Strength Running Podcast 2019-07-25

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