Each episode, 3 players will attempt to name as many items as they can from lists in all categories ranging from TV, geography, movies, history, music, literature, and more! You too can play along at home to see if you can do better than our contestants!


Title Date published
E54: It's Very Different Than Ice Cream 2018-04-19
E53: Or Does My Misery Continue? 2018-04-16
E52: We Got Rickrolled 2018-04-12
E51: Everybody's Favorite Cuddly Pokémon 2018-04-05
E50: In a Bit of a Turnabout... 2018-04-01
E49: Why Did I Do This To Myself? 2018-03-29
E48: Cribbed! 2018-03-22
E47: There's A Reason I Tell My Students That Dates Aren't Important 2018-03-15
E46: I Wish I Watched Hockey 2018-03-12
E45: What is Will's Cat Named? 2018-03-01
E44: I Have An Insta-Pot! 2018-02-26
E43: The Mystery 7 Being Sports 2018-02-22
E42: I'd Like To Use The Retroactive Double Lifeline 2018-02-15
E41: Isn't That Supposed To Be Gary, Indiana? 2018-02-08
E40: It Seems So Obvious When You Give The Whole List 2018-02-01
E39; Sorry, Miss English Teacher 2018-01-25
E38: Northdakota! 2018-01-18
E37: The Erstwhile Vine Star 2018-01-15
E36: Interstate 105... to Mars 2018-01-11
E35: Here Is The Category That Everybody Else For The Past Month Has Been Avoiding 2018-01-08

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