Each episode, 3 players will attempt to name as many items as they can from lists in all categories ranging from TV, geography, movies, history, music, literature, and more! You too can play along at home to see if you can do better than our contestants!


Title Date published
S2 E15: Do I Want To Be Nice, Or Do I Want To Be Mean? 2019-01-31
S2 E14: Those Binge Sports... 2019-01-23
S2 E13: 109th Episode Spectacular! 2019-01-10
S2 E12: At First I Thought It Was "Mean Girls"... 2019-01-07
S2 E11: I Thought It Was A Very Small Sample! 2018-12-27
S2 E10: That's Why I Said It So Confidently 2018-12-24
S2 E9: I Just Don't Like Shouting At People 2018-12-20
S2 E8: You're Killing Me, Andy! 2018-12-17
S2 E7: The Vancouver Island Treat 2018-12-13
S2 E6: Feel Free To Excoriate Me In Whatever Rhythmic Fashion You See Fit 2018-12-10
S2 E5: Why Would A Dolphins Quarterback Have That Much Money? 2018-12-06
S2 E4: Andy, You Little Sneak 2018-12-03
S2 E3: People At Home Are Screaming At Us Right Now 2018-11-29
And the Losers Will Be Eating Humble Pie 2018-11-26
A Big Plate of Victory Soup 2018-10-22
E96: I Still Make Mistakes 2018-09-17
E95: Booby Traps Aren't Mr. Tarr's Style (But They Are Mine) 2018-09-10
E94: Give Me A Category I Know And I'll Use It! 2018-09-06
E93: I Feel Pretty Inadequate Now, I Guess 2018-09-03
E92: I Wish There Was A "Moonlighting" Movie 2018-08-30

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