The Model Health Show is a fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness. No subject is off limits here! World-renown author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson breaks down complex health issues and makes them easy to understand and overcome. Whether it's weight loss, chronic fatigue, heart disease, diet, exercise, sex, hormones, sleep problems, or countless other health topics, the insights you get here will help you transform your health and live your best life ever.


Title Date published
TMHS 469: Adaptation Energy & Meditation For Better Performance - With Guest Emily Fletcher 2021-04-07
TMHS 468: Circadian Medicine, Circadian Fasting, & How To Stop Being So Effing Tired - With Dr. Amy Shah 2021-04-04
TMHS 467: How Fat Burning Actually Works & Nutrition That Impacts The Process 2021-03-30
TMHS 466: How To Find Your Zone Of Fire & Achieve Uncommon Success - With Guest John Lee Dumas 2021-03-24
TMHS 465: Metabolic Flexibility & The Truth About Intuitive Fasting - With Guest Dr. Will Cole 2021-03-16
TMHS 464: The Ingredients For Greatness - With Guest Laila Ali 2021-03-10
TMHS 463: The Mind Vs. The Brain & Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess - With Guest Dr. Caroline Leaf 2021-03-03
TMHS 462: 5 Critical Keys To Unlocking More Energy - With Guest Dr. Steven Gundry 2021-02-28
TMHS 461: Psychosomatic Effects Of COVID-19, Lack Of Transparency, & Dangerous Outcomes 2021-02-24
TMHS 460: 10 Surprising Secrets To Live Longer & Improve Your Healthspan Today! 2021-02-16
TMHS 459: Tame the Hidden Dragons That Control Your Happiness, Habits, & Hang-Ups - With Dr. Daniel Amen 2021-02-15
TMHS 458: Clinically Proven Method To Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, & Feel Empowered - With Guest Jessica Ortner 2021-02-10
TMHS 457: Eat These Foods To Improve Your Sleep Quality 2021-02-03
TMHS 456: Superfood Hunting, Sustainability, & Getting Down To Earth - With Guest Darin Olien 2021-01-31
TMHS 455: The Surprising Truth About Cancer, Carcinogens, & Community - With Guest Dr. Christian Gonzalez 2021-01-27
TMHS 454: The Surprising Truth About Thyroid Health & The Thyroid Reset Diet - With Dr. Alan Christianson 2021-01-20
TMHS 453: The Microbiome-Body Fat Connection 2021-01-13
TMHS 452: Our Strange Relationship With Viruses & How To Improve Your Immune System - With Dr. Steven Gundry 2021-01-06
TMHS 451: 7 Major Factors That Control What Calories Do In Your Body 2021-01-04
TMHS 450: Use These Foods To Improve Your Memory, Enhance Your Focus, & Reverse Brain Aging 2020-12-30

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