A podcast hosted by Kathryn Hodge and Robyn Silber that aims to introduce others to coding, demystify core programming concepts, provide tips for success, and start more conversations around important topics in technology.


Title Date published
The Daily Routines of a Software Developer 2019-01-15
Sample Projects for a Beginner Programmer (Part 2) 2019-01-08
Favorite Mobile Apps for Your Everyday Programmer 2019-01-01
Sample Projects for a Beginner Programmer 2018-12-18
Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming for Beginner Programmers 2018-12-11
Beginner Technical Terms in Software Development 2018-12-04
What To Do When Your Code Doesn't Work 2018-11-27
Why Work on Personal Projects 2018-11-13
Is a Computer Science Degree Required for a Career in Technology? 2018-11-06
What is Computer Science? 2018-11-06
How Did You Get Into Technology? 2018-11-01

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