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Title Date published
TWiG 744: Giant Red Ties - Google Online News Act, DeepMind AI 2023-11-29
TWiG 743: Competitive Pantomime - OpenAI deep dive, Musk's Media Matters lawsuit, Stable Video Diffusion 2023-11-22
TWiG 742: More Eel Guys Than You Know - Leo's GPTs, Alex Stamos on election disinformation, deepfakes, eels! 2023-11-15
TWiG 741: The Whole Muffin - OpenAI GPTs, Article 45, iMessage regulation, Bored Ape dancing 2023-11-08
TWiG 740: Michelangelo's Nunchucks - AI Executive Order, Sergey Brin's Airship, WeWork Bankruptcy, .ing Domain 2023-11-01
TWiG 739: Panic in the Cul-de-sac - Cruise ousted in CA, online dating, Humane AI Pin, Dimension 20 2023-10-25
TWiG 738: The Deorbiting Professor - X charges $1, Netflix theme park, Andreessen Manifesto, Meta Glassholes 2023-10-18
TWiG 737: Gormless - Google's Sonos Victory, Search Modification, California Right-to-Repair, Adobe MAX 2023-10-11
TWiG 736: Socks on the Beach - Pixel 8, Chromebook Plus, paid social media, what happened to Masterclass? 2023-10-04
TWiG 735: Outside of the Nerdery - Google's 25th birthday, Meta Ray-Bans, Amazon and Google antitrust trial 2023-09-27
TWiG 734: Anarchy in the Academy - Copyright and generative AI, Xbox and Stadia leak, Bard demo, Meme Wars 2023-09-20
TWiG 733: Go, Cathy, Go! - Google Antitrust Lawsuit, Privacy Sandbox, Responsible AI 2023-09-13
TWiG 732: Unidentified Flying Skellington - New Android Branding, Twitter Spy 2023-09-06
TWiG 731: Leo Saving Time - Pixel 8 event date, Samsung Food, Workspace AI, tech stock buybacks 2023-08-30
TWiG 730: Phanky Qipek - Elon Musk, AI and CAPTCHAs, Threads web app, Spotify podcast business 2023-08-23
TWiG 729: Waffle Party - Robotaxi victory in California, broadcast TV in trouble, Chrome Topics, Google Hotel 2023-08-16
TWiG 728: Stupid Dove Nests - Z Flip 5, Google antitrust, BlueJeans, Project IDX, Tetris lawsuit 2023-08-09
TWiG 727: Blame It On The Osso Buco - Canada link tax, incandescant light bulb, AI music generation 2023-08-02
TWiG 726: Corpora Bailiwick and Jones - Twitter becomes X, Alphabet earnings, NotebookLM, Web Integrity API 2023-07-26
TWiG 725: But Senator Trellis... - IoT cybersecurity label, defending Lina Khan, LLaMA 2, AI Synthetic data 2023-07-19

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