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Title Date published
TWiG 692: Alex Stamos - Is TikTok a threat, Twitter's Chinese porn spam, 2024 election disinformation 2022-11-30
TWiG 691: Maureen and Bab's Tea Room - Leap second, FTX deepfake, Musk vs Swisher, Post.news, Alexa struggling 2022-11-23
TWiG 690: Search For Hardcore - FTX celebrity fallout, Musk's Twitter purge, goodbye Protocol, palette.fm 2022-11-16
TWiG 689: Rusticated and Rectified - Blue vs grey checkmarks, Meta layoffs, FTX Binance collapse, Google One VPN 2022-11-09
TWiG 688: Hundo Milo - Musk takes over Twitter, FCC says ban TikTok, Roblox virtual clothing class 2022-11-02
TWiG 687: Rabble Rousing - Inside Planetary and Scuttlebutt, Mr. Beast, Shutterstock AI imagery, Chief TWiT 2022-10-26
TWiG 686: Indoctrinized and Radicalated - Ye to buy Parler, Musk's absolute Twitter control, Bluesky roadmap 2022-10-19
TWiG 685: Only on Thursdays - Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch, Meta Quest Pro, Passkey support, Google Looker 2022-10-12
TWiG 684: Like a Shiny Tic Tac - Pixel 7 Phone, Elon Musk & Twitter 2022-10-05
TWiG 683: Finnish Foliage - Douglas Rushkoff interview, AI powered turret, Amazon hardware event, NASA DART 2022-09-28
TWiG 682: Click the Clickah - Framework Chromebook, Amazon NFL, Spotify audiobooks, AI and Getty Images 2022-09-21
TWiG 681: Drop, Cover, and Hold On - Matt Mullenweg interview, Pixelbook cancelled, floppy disk shop 2022-09-14
TWiG 680: Failure as a Feature - Pixel 7 Pro event, EU regulates updates, Twitter Edit, Android 14 satellite 2022-09-07
TWiG 679: Conglomeratized! - Age Appropriate Design, Snap layoffs, Twitter Circle, Animal Translators 2022-08-31
TWiG 678: Podcast Legend Having Lunch - Twitter Security, Annie Leibovitz, AI Art 2022-08-24
TWiG 677: Clemson Salmon - Android 13, Amazon's football deal, USB Rubber Ducky 2022-08-17
TWiG 676: The CB of the 80's - Amazon buys iRobot, Musk sells Tesla shares, Samsung Unpacked 2022-08-10
TWiG 675: The Quibi Button - Instagram reverts, CHIPS Act, Roku's button problem, Batgirl movie 2022-08-03
TWiG 674: Happy Leap Schmear - Tech earnings tanked, Instagram changes, TikTok in China, leap second 2022-07-27
TWiG 673: Swipe Right For Schmuck - AR Glasses Beta, ChromeOS Flex, Dall-E waitlist, Netflix earnings 2022-07-20

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