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Title Date published
TWiG 671: The Cake Is a Pie - 25 Years of Google Search, EU Regulation, GPT-3 AI 2022-07-06
TWiG 670: Stacey's a Spy! - Google Reacts to Roe v Wade Decision, Instagram AI, Netflix Ad Strategy 2022-06-29
TWiG 669: Mommy Made Me Match My M&Ms - GPT-3, Musk talks to Twitter, Meta Avatar store, VidCon, Amazon drones 2022-06-22
TWiG 668: Boca de Dragón - Sentient AI, Gates says crypto is a sham, Meta AR glasses, Floppotron 3.0 2022-06-15
TWiG 667: Scuds Off the Bow of Sullivan - Twitter bots, NY Right to Repair, meme stock trading fix, USB-C in EU 2022-06-08
TWiG 666: No Country for Old Lobsters - Sheryl Sandberg leaves Meta, Texas social media law, resist crypto 2022-06-01
TWiG 665: Apes of Wrath - Missing Bored Apes, DuckDuckGo and MS trackers, Veecon, digital driver license 2022-05-25
TWiG 664: Slothtoberfest - Twitter doubles down, big tech fights Texas HB 30, Google's new Bay View HQ 2022-05-18
TWiG 663: Bill of Attainder - Google IO, Hawley's copyright bill, Texas social media law, Keyboardio Atreus 2022-05-11
TWiG 662: Made With Lard - Twitter earnings, Google IO preview, Airbnb WFH policy, T-Mobile home internet 2022-05-04
TWiG 661: Oligarchs At the Gate - Musk is buying Twitter, Alphabet's disappointing earnings, typeset nerdery 2022-04-27
TWiG 660: Welcome to Poundtown - Netflix slows down, Libs of TikTok, Insteon fizzles, future of Twitter 2022-04-20
TWiG 659: Keeping Up With the Higginbothams - Web3, Elon Musk, Gilbert Gottfried, Algospeak, DALL-E 2022-04-13
TWiG 658: You Can't Edit This! - Twitter gets Elon Musk, Twitter edit feature, TikTok Musical wins a Grammy 2022-04-06
TWiG 657: You Can't Shoot Their Feet - Russian propaganda, how platforms fight disinformation, Eric Schmidt 2022-03-30
TWiG 656: The Ultimate Ungulate - Lapsus$ hacking group, SXSW 2022, Eero Pro 6E review, TropeTrainer 2022-03-23
TWiG 655: No Time for Slug Collation - Deepfake of Zelenskyy, Google IO announced, Daylight Saving Time 2022-03-16
TWiG 654: Did We Do The Ad? - Twitter's TOR Onion service, Google buying Mandiant, Endurance discovery 2022-03-09
TWiG 653: Thumbsuckers and Hot Takes - Ukraine war and tech, FitBit Ionic burns, Epic Games acquires Bandcamp 2022-03-02
TWiG 652: Stuck in the Jungle Gym - Galaxy S22 Ultra, Pixel 7 leaks, QAnon revealed, keyboards that hurt 2022-02-23

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