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Title Date published
TWiG 651: The Voltron of Terrible - Android Privacy Sandbox, EARN IT mistakes, Spotify's big buys, Metamates 2022-02-16
TWiG 650: Theoreticals Upon Hypotheticals - Galaxy S22 Ultra, Meta's Europe threat, Bitcoin laundering 2022-02-09
TWiG 649: Tone Deaf and Loud - Big Quarter for Pixel 6, Spotify's platform rules, too late for Android tablets? 2022-02-02
TWiG 648: Band Saws and Butt Joints - FLoC is dead, ID.me and facial scanning, Neil Young gone from Spotify 2022-01-26
TWiG 647: It's A Disco Floor For Your Wall - Joe Rogan Misinformation, Blizzard 2022-01-19
TWiG 646: The Opposite of Long Covid - Web3, Google vs. Sonos, Samsung no-shows, worst of CES, Google Ripple 2022-01-12
TWiG 645: I Will Retaliate At A Later Date - CES 2022, Ancillary Copyright, Elizabeth Holmes, Huey Lewis 2022-01-05
TWiG 644: The Year's Best - The Best TWiG Moments of the Year! 2021-12-29
TWiG 643: The Verdant Lady - Dorsey's anti-Web3 post, Reddit IPO, what Google killed in 2021, Pixel 6 update 2021-12-22
TWiG 642: A Clattering of Smart Phones - Log4Shell, Assange extradition, person of the year, Meta naming rights 2021-12-15

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