Take a deep-dive into all things Microsoft with experts Paul Thurrott and Richard Campbell. They join Leo Laporte every week to deliver sharp commentary and nuanced discussions on Microsoft's new hardware, software, services, enterprise, planned launches, and insider information. Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 19:00 UTC.


Title Date published
WW 818: Antitrust Theater - New features in KB5022913 update, Microsoft's defense of Activision Blizzard bid 2023-03-01
WW 817: The Moment of Confusion - Parallels Desktop 18 for Mac, AI anthropomorphism, WinUI 3 & WinAppSDK 2023-02-22
WW 816: I Have Been a Good Bing - Skype's annual revenue drop, Github layoffs, Viva Engage 2023-02-15
WW 815: It's Your Foot! - AI riskiness, Zoom layoffs, HBO's The Last of Us, Skype on Apple Silicon 2023-02-08
WW 814: Dump Truck Fade - Halo engine switch, Intel Q4 2022 revenues, Ground News 2023-02-01
WW 813: Usage Intensity - F23Q2 analysis, the subscription future, Microsoft 365 Insider program 2023-01-25
WW 812: Pessimism Pays - AI for the consumer client, HoloLens request rejected, Azure DevOps 2023-01-18
WW 811: The Angle of the Dangle - Fungible, rounded corners, Xbox Oreos, the AI wave 2023-01-11
WW 810: Call of Duty-Free - Notepad tabs, Stack Overflow 2022 developer survey, LastPass alternatives 2023-01-04
WW 809: A Look Back at the Year - A look back at Windows Weekly's best moments in 2022 2022-12-28
WW 808: Nuclear Conservation - Wrapping Up Microsoft's 2022, Carmack quits Meta, Overwhelm Freeze 2022-12-21
WW 807: You're a Contronym! - Federal Trade Commission lawsuit, 12th-Gen Intel dock problems, text suggestions 2022-12-14
WW 806: Clippy in Prison - Brad Smith's acquisition argument, Communities, Paul's top podcasts of 2022 2022-12-07
WW 805: Week E is a Lie - New Microsoft 365 additions, Reset this PC, Revolver: Special Edition 2022-11-30
WW 804: Still Slippery After All These Years - Ads in Win11, Windows Subsystem for Linux, Qualcomm Oryon ARM-based CPU 2022-11-23
WW 803: D++ - Surface Pro 9 Liberty Special Edition, Xbox Transparency Report, Task Manager Improvements 2022-11-16
WW 802: Tiny Cricket Hammer - "Hey, Github!" voice coding, KB5019980 update, Control Freak 2022-11-09
WW 801: Whisky and Egg Rice - New Dev & Beta builds, Phone Link update, Joe Belfiore, Modern Warfare II 2022-11-02
WW 800: Goodbye Heart - Q1 FY23 Earnings, Q2 pessimism, Sinofsky reflects on Windows 8 2022-10-26
WW 799: Would You Like Salsa With That? - Windows 11 adds tabbed File Explorer, floating Taskbar UI teased, Microsoft Office now 365? 2022-10-19

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