Who's Your God? is the podcast for whatever the hell you believe in. Comedian and host Amy Miller is joined every week by her co-host John Michael Bond and producer Steve Hernandez to chat with a guest about religion, beliefs, god, and whatever gets them through the day. Who's Your God? is the podcast for anyone who might feel alienated by specifically Christian OR Atheist podcasts. We are three comedians who grew up in the church and we're open to whatever you believe. We are also funny and charming.


Title Date published
WYG? #185: Zach Noe Towers! 2021-04-08
WYG? #184: Amber Nelson! 2021-04-02
WYG? #183: Hannah Einbinder! 2021-03-26
WYG? #182: Josef Anolin! 2021-03-19
WYG? #181: Jamel Johnson! 2021-03-12
WYG? #180: Rhea Butcher! 2021-03-05
WYG? #179: Ryan Sickler! 2021-02-26
WYG? #178: Francesca Fiorentini! 2021-02-19
WYG? #177: Dewayne Perkins! 2021-02-12
WYG? #176: Ron Bennington! 2021-02-05
WYG? #175: Nore Davis! 2021-01-29
WYG? #174: David Rodriguez! 2021-01-22
WYG#173 Greta Titelman 2021-01-15
WYG#172 Lisa Curry 2021-01-08
WYG#171 Barbara Gray 2020-12-25
WYG#170 Dustin Nickerson 2020-12-18
WYG#169 Subhah Agarwal 2020-12-11
WYG#168 Doug Benson 2020-12-04
WYG#167 Baron Vaughn 2020-11-28
WYG#166 Vanessa Guerrero 2020-11-20

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