Uncover is an investigative series from CBC Podcasts. Season 5: Sharmini. Season 4: The Cat Lady Case. Season 3: The Village. Season 2: Bomb on Board. Season 1: Escaping NXIVM.


Title Date published
S3 Bonus: The Village at Stonewall (World Pride New York) 2019-06-26
Escaping NXIVM Bonus: Inside the Trial 2019-05-15
S3 E9: The Justice Project 2019-05-13
S3 E8: A Confession 2019-05-06
S3 E7: Out Of The Closet 2019-04-29
S3 E6: Getting Away With Murder 2019-04-23
S3 E5: Last Call At David's Disco 2019-04-22
S3 E4: Do. Your. Job. 2019-04-15
Escaping NXIVM Bonus: Case Update 2019-04-11
S3 E3: Meet Me Under The Clock 2019-04-09
S3 E2: Shame and Blame 2019-04-02
S3 E1: How Can You Not See This? 2019-04-01
S3: The Village - Trailer 2019-03-06
S2 E6: Full Circle 2018-12-10
S2 E5: Explosive Reports 2018-12-03
S2 E4: The Bomb 2018-11-26
S2 E3: A Fifth Man 2018-11-19
S2 E2: The Suspects 2018-11-11
S2 E1: The Crash 2018-11-11
S2: Bomb On Board - Trailer 2018-11-05

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