Tá Falado provides Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation lessons for speakers of Spanish. Podcasts illustrate pronunciation differences between Spanish and Portuguese and present scenarios showing cultural differences between the U.S. and Brazil. Tá Falado is part of the Brazilpod project and is produced at the College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Austin. Website URL: http://coerll.utexas.edu/brazilpod/tafalado/


Title Date published
Lesson 1: Pronunciation of /i/, Getting the Check at a Restaurant 2006-11-13
Lesson 2: Pronunciation of /u/, Slamming the Car Door 2006-11-13
Lesson 3: Pronunciation of /é/ and /ê/, Public Health and Health Insurance 2006-11-13
Lesson 4: Pronunciation of Open /ó/ and Closed /ô/, Getting on a City Bus 2006-11-13
Lesson 5: Stressed and Unstressed /a/, Self-Checkout at the Supermarket 2006-11-13
Supplementary Lesson 1: English, Spanish, and Portuguese Vowel Sounds 2006-11-13
Lesson 6: Pronunciation of Oral Diphthongs, Going to the Pharmacy 2006-11-27
Lesson 7: Pronunciation of Nasal Vowels, Invitations to Parties 2006-12-18
Lesson 8: Pronunciation of Nasal Diphthongs, Buying Fruits and Vegetables 2006-12-18
Lesson 9: Pronunciation of Vowel Raising, Parking Meters 2006-12-18
Lesson 10: Pronunciation of Palatalization, Cell Phones and Driving 2007-01-05
Lesson 11: Pronunciation of Palatalization (alt), Cell Phones and Driving 2007-01-05
Lesson 12: Pronunciation of 's' and 'z' Sounds, Eating at Movie Theaters 2007-01-05
Lesson 13: Pronunciation of 's' and 'z' Sounds, Eating At Movie Theaters (alt) 2007-02-08
Lesson 14: Pronunciation of 'r' sounds, Good Tippers 2007-02-08
Lesson 15: Pronunciation of 'r' sounds (alt), Good Tippers 2007-02-08
Lesson 16: Pronunciation of 'b', 'd', and 'g', Adding Tax to Purchased Items 2007-02-14
Lesson 17: Pronunciation of 'j', 'ge', and 'gi', Wearing That Tiny Bikini 2007-02-14
Lesson 18: Pronunciation of 'ch', You Call That a Steak House? 2007-02-26
Lesson 19: Pronunciation of 'nh', Laundromats, Really? 2007-03-02

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