There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same time and like a third of them are openly racist for some reason. From Cracked co-founder Jack O’Brien, THE DAILY ZEITGEIST is stepping into that fray with some of the funniest and smartest comedic and journalistic minds around. Jack will spend up to an hour every weekday sorting through the events and stories driving the headlines, to help you find the signal in the noise, with a few laughs thrown in for free.


Title Date published
The DEA Drug Slang Glossary, What Trump’s Like In Private 4.20.18 2018-04-20
Myspace Tom Sold You Out, Kim Jong Hmmmm 4.19.18 2018-04-20
Barbara Bush > Lucille Bluth, Stormy Daniels Threatened By Tom Brady? 4.18.18 2018-04-18
Of Course Sean Hannity, TV IS NOT REAL LIFE DONALD 4.17.18 2018-04-17
Beyonce Melts Coachella, Alex Jones Melts Down 4.16.18 2018-04-16
Weekly Zeitgeist 19 (Best of 4/9/18-4/13/18) 2018-04-15
Comey By Your Name, Brad Pitt x MIT 4.13.18 2018-04-14
Trump’s The Best Person He’s Ever Had Sex With; Ugh, Simpsons 4.12.18 2018-04-13
Bye Paul-icia! Narc Suckerberg Goes To Washington 4.11.18 2018-04-11
Attorney Client Privileged, Jimmy Fallon’s Menagerie of Minority Oddities 4.10.18 2018-04-11
Trump The Slumlord Billionaire, Buzzfeed-ification Of News 4.9.18 2018-04-10
Weekly Zeitgeist 18 (Best of 4/2/18-4/6/18) 2018-04-08
Media Controlled State, Yodel Kid Meme Is GOAT 4.6.18 2018-04-06
Robert Mueller: Fake Messiah, Woke Barbies 4.5.18 2018-04-05
Myths About MLK’s Life And The YouTube Shooting 4.4.18 2018-04-05
Bezos = Richer Than Trump = A Problem; Nazi Goes Undercover As Teacher 4.3.18 2018-04-03
Is Roseanne #DEEPSTATE? Your Local News Is Compromised 4.2.18 2018-04-02
Weekly Zeitgeist 17 (Best of 3/26/18-3/30/18) 2018-04-01
White House Has A Vape Room? Philly DA: FREE MEEK 3.30.18 2018-03-30
Finally, A Show For White People; School Shooter Is BAE 3.29.18 2018-03-29

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