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Title Date published
Trump Targets Environmental Regulations 2017-03-28
Weekly Roundup: Friday, March 24 2017-03-25
Gorsuch Hearings Continue 2017-03-22
Russia/Gorsuch Hearings 2017-03-20
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, March 16 2017-03-17
CBO Scores GOP Health Care Bill/Listener Mail 2017-03-14
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, March 9 2017-03-10
New Executive Order; Trump's Wiretap Claim 2017-03-06
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, March 2 2017-03-03
President Trump Addresses Congress 2017-03-01
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, February 23 2017-02-24
Latest News + Listener Mail 2017-02-21
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, February 16 2017-02-17
Russia Controversy Deepens For Trump White House 2017-02-15
Michael Flynn Resigns 2017-02-14
Weekly Roundup LIVE: Friday, February 10 2017-02-11
Sessions Confirmed, Gorsuch's Comments, Yemen Raid 2017-02-09
Trump's Travel Ban Halted 2017-02-06
Listener Mail - Sunday, February 5 2017-02-05
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, February 2 2017-02-03

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