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Title Date published
Nikki Haley Resigns As U.N. Ambassador; Kavanaugh Debuts On The Supreme Court 2018-10-09
Kavanaugh Has The Votes To Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court 2018-10-06
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, October 4 2018-10-04
President Trump Mocks Ford; FBI Investigates Accusations Against Kavanaugh 2018-10-03
The Lasting Political Impact of The Ford-Kavanaugh Hearings 2018-09-29
Kavanaugh & His Accuser Blasey Ford Testify About Sexual Misconduct Allegations 2018-09-28
Senate Committee Reviews New Allegations Against Kavanaugh; Trump Defends His Nominee 2018-09-27
Kavanaugh Again Accused of Sexual Misconduct; Rosenstein Remains Deputy AG For Now 2018-09-24
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, September 20 2018-09-21
Trump Escalates Trade War With China; China Retaliates 2018-09-18
Allegations Against Kavanaugh Cause Political Turmoil, Echoes of Anita Hill 2018-09-18
Manafort Pleads Guilty & Kavanaugh Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct 2018-09-14
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, September 13 2018-09-13
NPR Poll: Midwest Abandons Trump, Democrats Chances Balloon Ahead of Midterms 2018-09-12
Obama Takes On Trump In First Midterm Campaign Speech 2018-09-07
Weekly Roundup: Thursday, September 6 2018-09-06
Kavanaugh Hearing Day 2: SCOTUS Nominee Defends Dissents On Abortion, Gun Control 2018-09-06
Midterm Update: Ayanna Pressley's Upset Victory Shows Power Of Women Of Color 2018-09-05
Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings Day One; New Book Details A Chaotic White House 2018-09-05
John McCain Honored By Obama, Bush, & Others At Washington Funeral 2018-09-01

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