Our expectations of work are changing. Whether you're a cubicle-dweller, side gig hustler, or blue-collar breadwinner, we're all experiencing some major changes to the idea of what a workplace should look and feel like. Can the culture of work change too? <br /><br />In this latest season of Rough Translation, we'll be traveling the globe to see how people are shifting their relationship to their jobs. From the mysterious man who inspired a "slacker revolution" in China to an American trans woman trucker changing the rules of the road, and from to the new codes of small talk in the Brazilian metaverse, to the ways that a war can change how Ukrainians look at work (and how work can change how they see a war). We explore what happens when international workplace norms are challenged both by local customs and homegrown rule-breakers.


Title Date published
Ourselves@Work: Home Is Where The Hustle Is 2022-07-06
You're@Work: The Right Persona for the Job 2022-06-29
Failing@Work: Epic Fails & Failure Epics 2022-06-22
Stuck@Work: Your Country's Brand Is Escape, But You Can't 2022-06-15
Lunching@Work: When Eating at Your Desk Is Forbidden 2022-06-08
Slackers@Work: A Song for the Exhausted 2022-06-01
New Season: @Work. Starting June 1. 2022-05-25
The Good Russians 2022-04-27
The Scarf and the Snuffbox 2022-04-15
Letter of Unhappiness 2022-03-30
The Culture Front 2022-03-15
Fighting Words In Ukraine 2022-03-02
Presenting 'TED Radio Hour': Work, Play, Rest 2022-02-16
May We Have This Dance? 2021-12-22
Moms In Translation 2021-12-15
Tasting At A Distance 2021-12-08
Home/Front: Marla's List 2021-07-10
Home/Front: Marla's War 2021-06-30
Home/Front: Rebels In The Valley 2021-06-23
Home/Front: Battle Borne 2021-06-16

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