An encyclopedic reference of strange-but-true stories compiled as a time capsule for future generations.


Title Date published
Fotomats (Entry 494.LV2342) 2019-08-15
Gold Hats (Entry 537.PS2103) 2019-08-13
ARkStorm (Entry 067.PS9303) 2019-08-08
The Monkey Selfie (Entry 803.MT2220) 2019-08-06
The Onion Futures Act (Entry 867.NU1105) 2019-08-01
Bob Dylan's Christian Period (Entry 138.AC1631) 2019-07-30
Canning (Entry 180.LK1219) 2019-07-25
The Four-Color Map Problem (Entry 495.NU2653) 2019-07-23
The Church of the SubGenius (Entry 222.AC1605) 2019-07-18
The Rural Purge (Entry 1091.PS6503) 2019-07-16
Peak Phosphorus (Entry 911.PS9703) 2019-07-11
John Dee (Entry 325.DA0202) 2019-07-09
Quonset Huts (Entry 1023.PS6103) 2019-07-04
Droodles (Entry 382.AC0212) 2019-07-02
Furries (Entry 508.GN2716) 2019-06-27
Town Line, New York (Entry 1323.2C0617) 2019-06-25
Cold Fusion (Entry 242.PR2004) 2019-06-21
The Kamehameha Colonists (Entry 681.IS4204) 2019-06-19
Maraschino Cherries (Entry 758.PR0819) 2019-06-13
Cursive (Entry 307.DA0508) 2019-06-11

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