<p>If the little angel and devil from your shoulders ever hung out without you and made a podcast, this is probably what it would sound like. Equal parts wholesome and horrific, Mormon and the Meth-head is about one unlikely friendship. Jessa and Aaron have led two completely different lives. While Aaron was stopping strangers on the streets of Milan to teach them about Joseph Smith, Jessa was teaching dudes how to keister meth while blowing them in Arby's bathrooms across Portland. But as Aaron lets go of his strict Mormon lifestyle and begins his descent into the depravity of the secular world, Jessa acts as his ferryman, telling him about disgusting, hedonistic things he never could have imagined, like "butt stuff" and "coffee." And Aaron returns the favor, helping Jessa navigate new and foreign social situations like "accepting hugs from loved ones" and "having loved ones." In their respective routines, they each tackle the topics of love, sex, drugs, and alcohol, but with polar opposite perspectives. Audiences get to see their world through Aaron's naive, innocent eyes as well as through Jessa's bleary, bloodshot ones.</p>


Title Date published
FIN 2019-12-31
The Soft Landing 2019-12-24
Hurry Up We're Leaving 2019-12-17
This Episode Sucks 2019-12-10
Aaron's Fake Wife 2019-12-03
Eat Something Before You Shoot Yourself 2019-11-26
Epic Fails 2019-11-19
Hurry Up We're Dreaming 2019-11-12
Chappelle/Burr 2019-11-08
Mormon Movies 2019-10-29
Post Traumatic Roadside Assistance with Paul Gilmartin 2019-10-22
Chronic Suicide with Tim Dillon 2019-10-15
Murderous Mormons and the Mountain Meadows Massacre 2019-10-08
Pythagorean Gender Politics 2019-10-01
Story Time with A and J 2019-09-24
Rest Stop Bathroom 2019-09-17
End Times 2019-09-10
A Midsommar's Nightmare 2019-09-03
Not Bad 2019-08-27
Season 3 of Jessa (Part 1) 2019-08-20

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