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What Do You NEED To See Out Of UM, MSU, Lions This Weekend? 2019-09-06
Valenti Show Football Picks Segment (9/6/19) 2019-09-06
100 Bold Takes For 100th NFL Season 2019-09-05
32 Bold Predictions For 32 NFL Team 2019-09-04
Realistically Where Do You Put Lions In NFL Power Rankings? 2019-09-04
32 Questions For All 32 NFL Teams 2019-09-03
Yet Another Ridicuously Negative Prediction For Lions? C'mon... 2019-09-03
Mike Valenti Recaps Both UM and MSU Week 1 Games 2019-09-03
2019 Week 1 Picks Segment 2019-08-30
What's Your Go-To College Football Food/Drink Setup Look Like? 2019-08-30
We Have A Simple Question: Football or Sex 2019-08-29
Should Sully Use A Bookie To Bet Sports? 2019-08-28
2019 Super Bowl Long Shots 2019-08-28
Mike Valenti's Outlook On Mark Dantonio And 2019 MSU Season 2019-08-28
Best Bets For The 2019 College Football Season 2019-08-27
Discussing Realistic Goals For Both UM and MSU Football 2019-08-27
Paul Finebaum Rips Michigan Fans... What Is The True Expectation? 2019-08-27
Hot Takes For The 2019 College Football Season 2019-08-26
Reacting To Andrew Luck's Abrupt Retirement 2019-08-26
Who Is The Most Random All-Time College Football Player You Can Think Of? 2019-08-23

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