<p>Sarah Silverman talks about all things big and small.&nbsp;</p><p>Warning: language is used.</p><p>If you want to join the conversation, send her a voice message here: kastmedia.com/asksarah </p>


Title Date published
E29 Republicans, Schleppy, and Orgasms 2021-04-08
E28 Garry, Teachers, and Flossing 2021-04-01
E27 Crazy Rich Asians and Nervous Diarrhea 2021-03-25
E26 Party Bag, Misinformation, Existence & Shame 2021-03-18
E25 Kevin Hart, Allies, New Swoosh City 2021-03-11
E24 Paris Hilton, Voicemail Jingles, Jews Don’t Count 2021-03-04
E23 Boos Cruz, America First, Body Hair 2021-02-25
E22 Harris, Abortion, K*ke 2021-02-18
E21 Sorry Britney, Fine-Boned Kushner, Potty Mouth Justice 2021-02-11
E20 BOSCHheads, Patriarchy, Mouth Noises 2021-02-04
E19 Seinfeld, Racism, Rollerblades 2021-01-28
E18 Rory Calls In, Ted Cruz's Purple Labia 2021-01-21
E17 Bone Dry Orgasms, No Fly List, Snickers 2021-01-14
E16 Mark Ruffalo, Bean Dad, Coconut Oil as Lube 2021-01-07
E15 Space Jam, Socialism, Non-Toxic Masculinity 2020-12-31
E14 Mr. Wizard, Penis Nuts, Scottish Kid 2020-12-24
E13 1986 Porn, 70’s Columbo, and Modern Drugs 2020-12-17
E12 Fred Armisen, Tim Heidecker, John C. Reilly 2020-12-10
E11 Eric the Bank Robber 2020-12-03
E10 Energy, I See You, Fuck Your Feelings 2020-11-26

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