The tides of American history lead through the streets of New York City — from the huddled masses on Ellis Island to the sleazy theaters of 1970s Times Square. The elevated railroad to the Underground Railroad. Hamilton to Hammerstein! Greg and Tom explore more than 400 years of action-packed stories, featuring both classic and forgotten figures who have shaped the world.


Title Date published
#399 The Changing Lower East Side: A View From Seward Park 2022-11-24
#398 Marilyn Monroe in New York 2022-11-11
Rewind: Birth of the Five Boroughs 2022-10-28
#397 Ghost Stories of the Hudson River 2022-10-14
Rewind: An Evening at Sardi's 2022-09-30
#396 Samuel Tilden and the Presidential Election of 1876 2022-09-16
#395 Jefferson Market and the Women's House of Detention 2022-09-02
#394 New York Calling: A History of the Telephone 2022-08-19
#393 Ric Burns and James Sanders on "New York: A Documentary Film" 2022-08-05
Rewind: The Story of the Yellow Taxi Cab 2022-07-29
Invisible Magicians: Domestic Servants in Gilded Age New York 2022-07-22
#392 The Bowery Boys Podcast 15th Anniversary Special 2022-07-08
#391 A Walk through Little Caribbean 2022-06-28
#390 The Story of Flatbush: Brooklyn Old and New 2022-06-17
Now Playing: Cautionary Tales 2022-06-10
#389 The Ruins of Roosevelt Island 2022-06-03
#388 The Hudson River School: An American Art Revolution 2022-05-20
#387 Hyde Park: The Roosevelts on the Hudson 2022-05-06
#386 On the Trail of the Old Croton Aqueduct 2022-04-22
Now Playing: History Daily Podcast 2022-04-15

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