<p>The tides of American history lead through the streets of New York City &mdash; from the huddled masses on Ellis Island&nbsp;to the sleazy theaters of 1970s Times Square. The elevated railroad to the Underground Railroad. Hamilton to Hammerstein! Greg and Tom explore more than 400 years of action-packed stories, featuring both classic and forgotten figures who have shaped the world.&nbsp;</p>


Title Date published
The Cotton Club: The Aristocrat of Harlem 2016-05-13
#203 Nikola Tesla in New York 2016-04-28
#202 The Lower East Side: A Culinary History 2016-04-15
#201 GOWANUS! Brooklyn's Troubled Waters 2016-04-01
#200 Jane Jacobs: Saving the Village 2016-03-18
#199.5: Bowery Boys - Behind the Scenes 2016-03-08
#199 Battle For The Skyline: How High Can It Go? 2016-02-19
#198 Greenpoint, Brooklyn: An Industrial-Strength History 2016-02-05
#197 Danger In The Harbor: The Black Tom Explosion of 1916 2016-01-22
#196 Ready to Wear: A History of the Garment District 2016-01-08
#195 Midnight in Times Square: New Year's Eve in New York City 2015-12-10
#194 Nellie Bly: Undercover in the Madhouse 2015-11-13
#193 St. Mark's Place: Party in the East Village! 2015-10-30
#192 Haunted Landmarks of New York 2015-10-16
#191 The Great Fire of 1776 2015-10-02
#190 The Curious Case of Typhoid Mary 2015-09-18
#189 TAXI: History of the New York City Taxicab 2015-09-04
#188: The Murder of Stanford White 2015-08-06
#187: Super City: New York and the History of Comic Books 2015-07-24
#186 Hell's Kitchen: New York's Wild West 2015-07-09

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