<p>The tides of American history lead through the streets of New York City &mdash; from the huddled masses on Ellis Island&nbsp;to the sleazy theaters of 1970s Times Square. The elevated railroad to the Underground Railroad. Hamilton to Hammerstein! Greg and Tom explore more than 400 years of action-packed stories, featuring both classic and forgotten figures who have shaped the world.&nbsp;</p>


Title Date published
#262 Secrets of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine 2018-05-04
#261 The Huddled Masses: Emma Lazarus and the Statue of Liberty 2018-04-20
#260 Journey to Grey Gardens: A Tale of Two Edies 2018-04-06
#259 Crossing to Brooklyn: How the Williamsburg Bridge Changed New York 2018-03-23
#258 Tales from Tribeca History 2018-03-16
#257 Frozen In Time: The Great Blizzard of 1888 2018-03-07
#256 DUMBO: Life on Brooklyn's Waterfront 2018-03-02
#255 The Rescue of Grand Central 2018-02-23
#254 The Destruction of Penn Station 2018-02-16
#253 Opening Day of the New York City Subway 2018-02-09
#252 The Underground Railroad: Escape through New York 2018-02-02
#251 McGurk's Suicide Hall: The Bowery's Most Notorious Dive 2018-01-18
#250 The Empire State Building: Story of an Icon 2018-01-12
Madam C.J. Walker: Harlem's Hair Care Millionaire 2018-01-04
#248 Sitting Down with Roz Chast of the New Yorker 2017-12-22
#247 Rodgers and Hammerstein: The Golden Age of Broadway 2017-12-15
#246 Tales from a Tenement: Three Families on the Lower East Side 2017-12-07
The Fall of the Fifth Avenue Mansions 2017-12-01
The Rise of the Fifth Avenue Mansions 2017-11-24
#243 New York In Neon: Signs of the City 2017-11-17

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