<p>The tides of American history lead through the streets of New York City &mdash; from the huddled masses on Ellis Island&nbsp;to the sleazy theaters of 1970s Times Square. The elevated railroad to the Underground Railroad. Hamilton to Hammerstein! Greg and Tom explore more than 400 years of action-packed stories, featuring both classic and forgotten figures who have shaped the world.&nbsp;</p>


Title Date published
The Algonquin Round Table 2017-03-03
#222 Who Killed Helen Jewett? A Mystery By Gaslight 2017-02-16
#221 New York: Capital City of the United States 2017-02-02
#220 George Washington's New York Inauguration 2017-01-20
#219 Newsies on Strike! 2016-12-23
#218 Lincoln Center and West Side Story 2016-12-09
#217: Truman Capote's Black And White Ball 2016-11-24
#216: Edwin Booth and the Players Club 2016-11-11
01 The Wheel: Ferris' Big Idea ('The First' Podcast Special Preview) 2016-10-28
#215 Ghosts of the Gilded Age 2016-10-14
#214 Bronx Trilogy (Part Three) The Bronx Was Burning 2016-09-29
#213 Bronx Trilogy (Part Two) The Bronx is Building 2016-09-16
#212 Bronx Trilogy (Part One) The Bronx Is Born 2016-09-01
#211 The Notorious Madame Restell: The Abortionist of Fifth Avenue 2016-08-18
#210 Digital City: New York and the World of Video Games 2016-08-04
#209 The Waldorf-Astoria's Complicated History 2016-07-21
#208 Great Hoaxes of Old New York 2016-07-07
#207 The First Subway: Beach's Pneumatic Marvel 2016-06-24
#206 The Lenape: The Real Native New Yorkers 2016-06-10
#205 The Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold 2016-05-26

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