<p>Nate Duncan and Ben Taylor spend hours every day reading and curating the most important coronavirus news so you don&rsquo;t have to. The goal is to bring you a well-researched, analytical, and data-oriented&nbsp; podcast with the most important COVID-19 news and research from around the world.</p>


Title Date published
The One Case From a Plane; News Roundup 2020-07-10
What to Expect in States With Rising Cases; The Question of Reopening Schools 2020-07-08
The Biggest Things To Know About COVID-19 In One Place 2020-07-05
Latest on Transmission by Kids; US Economic Outlook 2020-07-03
Latest State Data; What Symptoms Do Patients Have and How Long Do They Last? 2020-07-02
Dr. Saad Omer: Our Next Steps; How to Distribute a Vaccine; Detecting SARS-COV-2 in Wastewater 2020-06-30
Bars or Protests Causing Spread? What to Make of More Young People Being Infected 2020-06-28
Dr. Carl Bergstrom: Taking Stock; Testing for Mitigation; Improving Communication 2020-06-26
Coronavirus Modeler Youyang Gu; News Roundup 2020-06-25
What Are We Doing In This New Normal? 2020-06-24
How Do Americans Feel About COVID? NYC Contact Tracing Woes; D614G is Back 2020-06-21
Treatment Improving? US Superspreading Events; Pakistan’s Struggles 2020-06-19
COVID and the Economy; World News; Bathroom Risk 2020-06-18
Big Ideas 2020-06-17
Where Do Clusters Originate? Trends Over the Last 25 Days 2020-06-14
Big World News Roundup; Which US States Can Test/Trace 2020-06-13
South Asia; How American Attitudes are Changing; How Much Are Jails Seeding Outbreaks 2020-06-10
WHO Flubs Again; What Activities Epidemiologists Would Partake In 2020-06-09
People Aren’t Using Masks; Estimating Protest Transmission; US Job Losses Better Than Expected 2020-06-07
Can Vegas Reopen Safely? Mental Health Toll of COVID-19 2020-06-04

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