<p>Nate Duncan and Ben Taylor spend hours every day reading and curating the most important coronavirus news so you don&rsquo;t have to. The goal is to bring you a well-researched, analytical, and data-oriented&nbsp; podcast with the most important COVID-19 news and research from around the world.</p>


Title Date published
How COVID19 Fuels Protests; Big Latin America Rundown 2020-06-03
Balaji Srinivasan: What the World Looks Like in the Coming Years 2020-06-02
Demonstrations’ Effect on COVID, School Outbreaks, Florida Undercounting? 2020-05-31
More Showing Masks Really Work; Farms Next Hotspots; More Evidence on Singing, Kids, and Surfaces 2020-05-30
Where is Transmission Happening, Effect of Sending Patients to Nursing Homes; School Reopening Plans, World News 2020-05-28
How the Virus Spreads in Hospitals; Bots Foment Misinformation; China Claims 9 Million Tests in Wuhan 2020-05-27
Virus “Does Not Spread Easily” from Surfaces? Virus Interacts with Cells in Unique Way; Denmark’s School Reopening After a Month 2020-05-24
Biostatistics Expert Dr. Natalie Dean: US Reopening, Sweden, and Research Advancements 2020-05-22
Introducing "K"; Korea Springs Into Action; Why We Aren't Talking About Individual Vaccines 2020-05-20
Virus Speech Transmission; Big Study Roundup; FL and GA Data In Question 2020-05-19
How COVID19 Treatment Has Evolved with ICU Dr. Sergio Trevino Castillo 2020-05-18
Effect of Testing and Tracing; Does Virus Spread Through Air Ducts? Nursing Homes Deficient 2020-05-17
Will the Coronavirus Abate in Summer; Wisconsin Restrictions Struck Down 2020-05-14
Virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen: Testing Issues; Virus Mutations; Studying Infectous Dose 2020-05-13
Human Challenge Vaccine Trials; Testing 11 Million in Wuhan, World and USA News 2020-05-12
What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus w/ Dr. Jill Weatherhead; USA and World News 2020-05-11
Heterogeneity; More Research on Immunity; Businesses Struggle to Implement Countermeasures; New Infections in South Korea 2020-05-10
How Safe Are Outdoor Spaces? Does Reopening Spur Economic Recovery? 2020-05-07
How the Virus is Spreading with Epidemiologist Matthew Fox 2020-05-06
A “Dominant” Mutation? Which Contacts Are Most At Risk of Transmission? Cali Reopening Plan 2020-05-05

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