<p>Nate Duncan and Ben Taylor spend hours every day reading and curating the most important coronavirus news so you don&rsquo;t have to. The goal is to bring you a well-researched, analytical, and data-oriented&nbsp; podcast with the most important COVID-19 news and research from around the world.</p>


Title Date published
Do Children Transmit the Virus? World and USA News Roundup 2020-05-04
Future Scenarios for the Outbreak; Messaging Fails; Vietnam Success 2020-05-03
Long-Term Effects for Survivors; Meatpacking Executive Order; Brazil Facing Severe Outbreak 2020-04-30
Vaccine Challenges with Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi 2020-04-29
India Deep Dive; USA Employment Effects; IHME Model Limitations 2020-04-28
Basic Policies vs COVID19, Crazy Numbers in US Prisons, USA/World Roundup 2020-04-27
Assessing States’ Reopening Approaches; Research and World News Roundups 2020-04-26
How Flat is the Curve? 20% of NYC w/ Antibodies? Some Strains More Deadly? 2020-04-23
What Happens to Hospitalized Patients; US Federal Money for Testing 2020-04-22
Meet the New Study, Same as the Old Study; New Testing Plans; Georgia Reopening; USA/World News 2020-04-21
Combating Misinformation, Modeling the Spread, and Testing Issues w/ Dr. Carl Bergstrom; World and USA News Roundup 2020-04-20
Serological Study Issues; US Reopening Guidelines; The Swedish Experiment 2020-04-19
4.16.20 -- Questions About Immunity 2020-04-16
4.15.20 -- Funds for US Testing? EU Reopening Guidelines. China Delayed Public Measures 2020-04-15
4.14.20 -- CDC Discusses US Ramp Up in Tracing; Troubling News in China 2020-04-14
4.13.20 -- Safe Grocery Shopping, Meat Supply, USA and World News 2020-04-13
“All-Cause” Deaths Are Way Up; The Problem of Homeless Cases; USA and World News 2020-04-12
How Does Initial Infectious Dose Affect Outcomes; World and USA News 2020-04-09
4.8.20 -- Economics of the Shutdown; NY Hospitalizations Down? Wuhan Lockdown Lifted; India Quarantines Regions 2020-04-08
4.7.20 -- False Negatives and False Positives, Supply Chain Issues, USA/World News 2020-04-07

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